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The Convergence of Contract Management and Third-Party Risk Management

  In today’s highly automated business operations there is an abundance of software tools to help organizations more effectively manage their business processes with fewer resources. The Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) space is certainly one in which solutions abound to help manage the contract lifecycle. A similar statement could be made about the wide variety […]

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Introduction to Legal Entity Management

General Counsel, business lawyers, and corporate paralegals serve a vital role in corporate compliance. The exceptional growth in new legal entity formation and the increasing diversity of corporate structures challenges even the most organized corporate legal team. Legal Entity Management is a set of practices and tools that allow General Counsel and corporate legal teams […]

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Preparing for Third Party Risk Management

With ever growing compliance requirements across industries, many more companies are upgrading or preparing to implement more vigorous management of their third parties. Available lists providing Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Politically Exposed People (PEP), Beneficial Ownership data are just examples of areas to consider when setting up Third Party Risk Management. Not all Third Parties are […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Legal Entity Management

As a legal entity like a corporation gets larger, growing to enterprise level, the legal entity information and processes of managing them can get more and more complex. The corporation’s legal team has to be able to keep up with maintenance, regulatory compliance, management of corporate data and more. Implementing a thorough legal entity management […]

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Compelling Reasons Why Companies Need A Contract Management Solution

There are many risks involved if you don’t take an enterprise approach to contract lifecycle management. Your organization may see a negative impact on its profitability, cost excesses or revenue delay due to a number of productivity issues within your workflow or it could be an issue of cash flow due to delays in the […]

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Implementing a Contract Lifecycle Management System Is Like Building a House Part 3

Implementing a Contract Lifecycle Management System Is Like Building a House Part 3: Moving In versus Going Live In this third and final part we bring the Design Specifications to life: it is where the rubber hits the driveway and how your users will use the delivered Contract Management Software to access all of the […]

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