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Legal Entity Management for distributed organizations

For many years global and domestic organizations with complex corporate structures have had tools for managing the typical aspect of their legal entities. These include Board minutes, Ownership and stock issues, Corporate Officers and Directors, Bank relationships and accounts, signing authorities and many more. To a large degree these are internal compliance requirements driven by […]

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Seven Steps for an Effective Risk Management System

Third-Party Risk Management can mean many things to different organizations. To Symfact it is the process of evaluating new business partners and monitoring existing partners to ascertain what level of risk they may bring to a business relationship. The need for an effective and efficient onboarding process for new partners and the need to constantly […]

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Policy Management Systems Provide an Essential Foundation for GRC (Governance, Risk, & Compliance)

    Policies are critical to the organization as they establish boundaries of behavior for individuals, operating entities, business processes, relationships, and transactions. When properly managed, communicated, and enforced these policies provide the following: PROVIDE A FRAMEWORK OF GOVERNANCE Policy paints a picture of behavior, values, and ethics that define the culture and expected behavior […]

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Why does Intellectual Property Management matter and how to address it

  General Counsel, business lawyers, and corporate paralegals serve a vital role in corporate compliance. The growth and importance of Intellectual Property registrations together with the increasing diversity of corporate structures challenges even the most organized corporate legal team. IP management is a set of procedures and tools that allow general counsel and corporate legal […]

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An introduction to the contracting process and compliance within the modern enterprise

  ” Organizations which manage their contracts and compliance effectively will be at a tremendous competitive advantage.“   Many companies have a divisional focus rather than enterprise-wide basis for contract and compliance management. Divisional ”islands of information” also restrict an organization’s overall visibility to risk exposure and potential dangers. Effective contract and compliance management enables […]

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What Is Contract Lifecycle Management

  Any business, corporation or organization that works with contracts regularly should be familiar with the term contract lifecycle management. If your business is responsible for leveraging legal agreements, CLM will be a vital part of the process. Through CLM, you can proactively and thoroughly manage every aspect of the contract through the lifecycle of […]

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