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Symfact Mobile Application

Symfact Mobile App 300x200

Improve contract response timelines by allowing contract managers to quickly and efficiently review, approve or reject contracts wherever and whenever they are available. The executive, legal team and commercial managers will love how easily they can provide the feedback needed to move the business forward.
In conjunction with the Symfact Contract Management solution, this mobile app extends the contract management workflow with notifications and email links to directly access the contract under review.

For management of contract risk and regulatory requirements, Aspen Insurance selects Symfact

Aspen 250 x 100

Aspen is a leading global insurance and reinsurance company whose success is built on financial strength and a customer-first philosophy. Founded in 2002, Aspen has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2003 (AHL). Aspen provides carefully tailored underwriting solutions in select, typically high value-added markets.
Aspen has multiple internal and external (worldwide) contractual relationships for the provision of services and products. To ensure that Aspen is able to fully manage its contracts, business relationships, regulatory requirements and contractual risk, Aspen has selected Symfact Contract and Compliance Management Solution.

IFRS15 will apply from January 1, 2018. Will your processes and contract management environment be ready?

IFRS 15 150x100

In July 2015 the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) confirmed a one-year deferral of the effective date of the revenue Standard, IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, to 1 January, 2018. Companies have the option to apply the standard earlier if they wish to do so.
As of January 1, 2018 IFRS 15 comes into force to address revenue from contracts with customers. This new standard is in line with initiatives from the IASB and FASB and is relevant for almost all customer contracts. IFRS 15 replaces IAS11, IAS18, IFRIC15 IFRIC13 IFRIC18 SIC31. It does not replace IAS39 or FRS9. IAS17 (leases) remains outside the scope of IFRS15.
In summary IFRS 15 elevates contract management from being simply a commercially beneficial activity albeit with real financial rewards to a well-run enterprise to now being a governance obligation. This new obligation demands both internal processes and contract management IT platforms be sufficiently capable and reliable to provide accurate, repeatable and auditable reporting data.
Full article in BLOG. http://symfact.com/2017/01/10/ifrs15-will-apply-from-the-1st-of-january-2018/

SCHUBERTH selects Symfact for its Contract and Legal Entity Management


SCHUBERTH develops and produces head protection made in Germany since more than 70 years in Magdeburg on the Elbe.
The portfolio includes helmets for worker protection, police, fire brigade, Formula 1 sports and motor cycling. Renowned Formula 1 pilots rely on SCHUBERTH helmets as much as numerous life savers and protectors from professional areas. SCHUBERTH has chosen the Symfact platform for its Contract and Legal Entity Management.

Best Wishes!

Merry Christmas 150 x 100

The Symfact team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Swisscom selects Symfact for its Contract Change Management

Swisscom 150x100

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies, is headquartered in Ittigen, close to the capital city Berne. Swisscom’s international activities are concentrated mainly in Italy. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe.
Swisscom has selected the Symfact platform for its Contract Change Management.

BTG selects Symfact for its Contract & Third Party Risk Management

BTG 150x100

BTG is a multinational provider of highly specialized process solutions for the global pulp and paper industry. Every day BTG helps customers achieve sustainable gains in business performance through their application know-how and industry-leading technologies.
BTG has chosen Symfact for both its Contract Lifecycle Management and for its Third Party Risk Management.

The Department of Economic Affairs of Canton of St.Gallen selects Symfact

Kanton SG 150 x 100

The Canton of St.Gallen consists of 77 municipalities.
“St.Gallen can” is the registered trademark of the state administration. It recognizes outstanding achievements of the Canton of St.Gallen and helps to communicate a positive image of the Canton and to strengthen its profile.
The Department of Economic Affairs of the Canton of St. Gallen has selected Symfact’s Contract Lifecycle Management as the best tool to effectively manage their contracts.

Contract Lifecycle Management implementation for Bandai Namco Entertainment

Bandai Namco 150x100

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is a global arcade, mobile, and home video game publisher. The company will be using the Symfact platform to manage intellectual property rights, distribution, and partnership agreements as they related to the entertainment products they distribute. These are highly complex agreements with time-sensitive licensing, a variety of payment options, and distribution components with their partners and game developers around the world. Symfact’s solution will also cover other logistical and non-disclosure agreement types with Bandai’s vendors.
Bandai Namco has selected Symfact solutions for its Contract Lifecycle management.

Metall Zug selects Symfact for their Contract & Legal Entity management

Metall Zug 150 x 100

Metall Zug, an industrial group of companies headquartered in Zug, comprises three business units and has a workforce of around 3 800 employees. The Household Appliances Business Unit includes the Swiss market leader V-ZUG AG with its foreign subsidiaries as well as V-Zug Kühltechnik AG, SIBIRGroup AG and Gehrig Group AG.
Symfact is the final choice of Metall Zug for all their contract and legal entity management.

Hirschmann has chosen Symfact for its Contract Management

Hirschmann Automotive 150 x 100

Since more than 50 years, Hirschmann works on the progress of the automotive industry. Their specialties are: Contacting- and connectorsystems, sensorsystems, special cable assemblies and overmoulded technology. If it is about standard products or individual customized solutions, their product spectrum ensures reliability under the most extreme conditions and in highly demanding areas within a vehicle. Worldwide, around 4.500 brilliant minds work for the success of Hirschmann Automotive.
Hirschmann has chosen Symfact for its Contract Management.

Axpo selects Symfact for its Legal Entities Management

Axpo 150 x 100

The Axpo Group reliably produces, trades and sells energy for over 3 million people and thousands of companies in Switzerland and over 30 European countries. Over 4500 employees combine the expertise from 100 years of climate-friendly electricity production with innovative power for a sustainable energy future. Axpo is an international leader in energy trading and the development of tailored energy solutions for its customers.
Axpo has chosen Symfact for the management of its legal entities.

Symfact deploys integration with salesforce.com

salesforce 150 x 100

Symfact has completed development and deployment, both hosted/SaaS and installed on site, of its integration with the salesforce.com platform. This enables sales process activities to be managed within the established SFDC platform but with a smooth transition to the Symfact platform for Contract Lifecycle Management and other Third Party Integrity Management activities such as credit checking, risk analysis and mitigation, Due Diligence, sanctions compliance etc.

IFRS 16 is coming – All leases to be controlled!

IFRS 150 x 100

The new IFRS 16 will make comparison of company ratings possible. Thus companies must understand how they will be impacted by this new standard which will come into effect from January 2019. This new challenge, particularly for international companies, can be addressed with the Symfact Contract Management System since all lease agreements across subsidiaries are able to be accessed and analyzed. Symfact has the necessary experience and an easy-to-use application for the global control of all lease obligations

Richemont Italy trusts Symfact Contract Management platform

Richemont Italy 150 x 100

Richemont owns several of the world’s leading companies in the field of luxury goods, with particular strengths in jewelry, luxury watches and premium accessories. The Group’s luxury interests encompass several of the most prestigious names in the luxury industry including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC Schaffhausen, Panerai and Montblanc.
Richemont Italy has selected Symfact for its Contract Management covering brands and sites.

Symfact Forms a Solutions Alliance with Brightleaf Solutions

Brightleaf 250 x100

Symfact Inc. announced today that it has entered into a solutions alliance with Brightleaf Solutions Inc. Effective deployment of contract management systems commonly requires the upload of a company’s legacy contracts. This task is often a difficult undertaking when faced with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of executed agreements.

Through this partnership, customers implementing the Symfact Contract Management platform have the option to pre-load all their contracts, making them available for immediate use. This greatly enhances their users’ efficiency and improves the platform ROI.

“Brightleaf has a well-deserved reputation for exceptionally high quality, and making that available to our customers allows us to really enhance their experience with our solutions” stated Dan Townsend, Director of Sales at Symfact. “Having all the key terms from all their contracts available day one is part of our approach to ensure seamless integration of our platform.”

Symfact is the leading provider of Contract Management and GRC (Governance, Risk, & Compliance) Management solutions enabling enterprise customers around the world to maximize revenues, minimize costs, and actively manage contractual terms and risks. Symfact also offers the other tools for advanced governance and control within an organization including:
• Third Party Integrity Management;
• Board and Entity Management;
• Legal Entity Management;
• GRC Activities & Control; and,
• Policy Management.

Big data, BI, and data driven decisions are having a profound effect on U.S. business operations, becoming a $143B market in 2016. Brightleaf’s vision is to accelerate this adoption with technology that overcomes the challenge of mining important information from unstructured, text-based documents and making it accessible. Brightleaf Solutions is a minority-owned, Boston-based technology start-up. With an initial focus on executed legal contracts, Brightleaf opens new doors for companies to manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance, meet customer obligations, uncover missed revenue, and get meaningful insight into their customer, partner, and vendor behavior.

For more information, visit www.brightleaf.com

University of Zurich relies on Symfact Compliance platform


The office of the University of Zurich Foundation (UZHF) supports individuals and companies in finding the right commitment and the appropriate promotion form. The initiatives of the UZH Foundation covers the strategic projects from the University of Zurich in the entire width of research and teaching, and for all faculties.
The Symfact platform helps the Foundation in the efficient management of donations and contracts.

Third Party Integrity and Compliance – Where theory and practice meet!


Leading international Compliance experts Moreno Ocampo, Heller and Jorge in cooperation with the Swiss software provider Symfact have jointly developed a solution to fight money laundering and corruption.

Third parties concerned may be companies, particular individuals within companies, or “politically exposed people (PEPs). Multiple international norms and standards now exist to which many states and thus legislators oblige compliance. These should be addressed proactively and not wait for a negative event to become public via the media.
Any person or organisation aiming to conclude a business contract has the obligation to verify involved partners. Attention must be given to prevention of money laundering, bribery and corruption and the observance of human rights, environmental laws and existing international sanctions. Primarily effected are any international parties involved in life sciences, luxury goods, food, construction, machine industry, finance and Telecom/IT. Exposure may exist not only in countries immediately perceived as “high risk”. From a functional perspective, domains impacted may encompass customers, suppliers, agents, commercial partners, distributors, manufacturers or advisors.

The Argentinean Luis Moreno Ocampo, was Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in the Hague until 2013. Damian Heller has been Global Compliance Officer of multiple international enterprises. Guillermo Jorge is a practicing lawyer in the fight against corruption world-wide. Andreas Kyriakakis is CEO of Symfact AG the technology provider for leading Contract and Compliance solutions. The combination of these parties has led to the synthesis and delivery of a complete and leading solution in this increasingly important area.

Resulting from a multiyear cooperation the solution now available corresponds to the highest requirements of international legislators such as the U.S. Department of Justice. The approach is based on detailed online questionnaires and integration to world leading data sources. The result is that the Compliance Officer is provided a detailed risk profile together with actionable recommendations. Any enterprise is thus provided documented and defensible research decision making as documented due diligence should it be required for any legislator.

Further information is available via www.symfact.com or via email to info@symfact.com.

Capgemini – 3 Ways Contract Management Can Help with Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity 250 x 100

Cybersecurity is not a new challenge but repeated and increasingly frequent breaches engendering significant commercial repercussions demonstrate that organizations do not have a grasp on the liability and risks to customers or their partners.
Capgemini proposes the following benefits of effective Contract Management in this respect:-

Energie Service Biel relies on Symfact Contract Management

ESB 250 x 100

The Energy Services Biel / Bienne (ESB) is the leading energy services company in Biel and in the Seeland regions of Switzerland.
365 days a year it supplies its customers with electricity, gas and water and manages renewable energies such as Taubenloch hydroelectricity and bio-gas.
Symfact provides the Contract Management platform for finance, operations, sales and marketing departments of ESB.

Contract Lifecycle Management is becoming a must have, priority capability


Recent reports state that the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) market is poised for strong growth with some estimating that CLM is poised to become a $5.6 billion solution market in just Europe and the U.S. Trends include an increase in global business velocity requiring faster execution of the contracting process and increased demands on governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management.

Jamba Juice is managing all contracts across the enterprise with the Symfact system

Jamba Juice 250

Jamba Juice only uses real whole fruit and veggies, fruit juices and wholesome ingredients.
The company is using the Symfact platform to store all contracts – including large Franchise agreements – and to send out reminders for key contract and commercial deliverables.

Founded in 1990, out of a vision to inspire and simplify healthy living, Jamba Juice is a leading restaurant retailer of better-for-you food and beverage offerings, including great tasting fruit smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, and Iced Fruit Tea Infusions™, Hot Blends™ organic tea lattes, hot teas, oatmeal made with organic steel cut oats, wraps, salads, sandwiches, California Flatbreads™, and a variety of baked goods and snacks.

The Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform is built to leverage and support the latest international document and open technology standards. Uniquely providing a single technology platform for managing the multiple management domains within an Enterprise, Symfact is internationally regarded as the most configurable Contract and Compliance Management Platform on the market.


NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. reaches higher with Symfact’s Contract Management Software

Nacco 156 62

Symfact Inc. announced today that it has entered into a contract with NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. (NMHG) to provide their global legal operations and business units with a Contract and Matter Management system. NMHG has been searching for a tool that facilitates full contract lifecycle management, the management of legal projects, or “Matters,” and the interrelationships that naturally occur between Contracts and Matters. The goal is to improve overall operational efficiencies for the authoring, review, compliance, and enforcement of business Contracts and legal Matters across multiple continents.
According to Carolyn Vogt, NMHG’s Associate General Counsel – Corporate and Asia-Pacific, “the decision to select Symfact over a wide field of CLM providers was based on the robustness of the Symfact tool, Symfact’s global experience, and Symfact’s ability to provide a high degree of functionality in both contract lifecycle and matter management systems.”

About NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.:
NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures, sells and services a comprehensive line of lift trucks and aftermarket parts marketed globally primarily under the Hyster® and Yale® brand names. The company provides its products through independent lift truck dealers in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.
NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. (NYSE:HY). Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. and its subsidiaries, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, employ approximately 5,400 people worldwide.

Symfact welcomes Adam Turner to the team

Adam Turner small

Symfact is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Adam Turner. Adam has an extensive record delivering CLM projects, strong technical skills and has delivered exceptional customer service in his eight year tenure with Upside Software & SciQuest. Adam is a great addition to the Symfact Team and we are extremely excited to have him on board.

Medica selects the Symfact platform for provider network management


Medica refers to a group of companies held by a non-profit, tax exempt holding company called Medica Holding Company. Its family of businesses include Medica Health Plans, Medica Health Plans of Wisconsin, Medica Insurance Company, Medica Self-Insured and Medica Health Management, LLC, as well as the Medica Foundation and the Medica Research Institute. Symfact has been chosen by Medica for provider network management.

Palomar Capital Advisors selects Symfact for its Contract & Legal Entities Management

Palomar Capital Advisors

Palomar Advisors is dedicated to providing relevant investment insight and actionable advice along with exceptional client service and support to a select group of institutional investors. They work closely with clients to develop integrated portfolio solutions that incorporate organizational mission and circumstance with market risk and opportunity. Palomar Advisors has chosen Symfact for the management of its contracts and legal entities.

ZURICH Insurance Group wins IACCM Innovation Award running Symfact’s Outsourcing Contract Management


ZURICH Insurance Group and its outsourcing provider CSC have been awarded “Runner-up” in its “Outstanding Service Provider Award”. The ZURICH solution is running on Symfact’s Outsourcing Contract Management solution.

This provides a fact driver focus for compliance, governance and reporting leading to increased trust between the two outsourcing partners. The result was optimised client satisfaction and effective supplier delivery processes.

Express Services Inc. (ESI) has recently gone live with Symfact’s contract management application


Operating as Express Employment Professionals, the professional staffing company provides work at medium-sized businesses for some 400,000 employees each year. It operates on a franchise business model from a network of some 675 employment agency offices across Canada, South Africa, and the US. In addition to temporary staffing, it offers professional search and contract staffing services in the accounting, engineering, IT, sales and marketing, and HR sectors. ESI will be using the application to manage their complex franchise agreements and maintain key information about their franchisees in one repository.

Nobel Biocare selects Symfact for its Contract Management


Nobel Biocare is a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations – from single-tooth to fully edentulous indications. Their headquarters is in Zurich, Switzerland. Their products and services are available in over 80 countries through subsidiaries and distributors.
Nobel Biocare has selected Symfact for its Contract Management.

Capgemini selects Symfact for Management of Outsourcing Agreements.

Cap Gemini

Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology, outsourcing services and local professional services. Present in over 40 countries with almost 140,000 employees, the Capgemini Group helps its clients transform in order to improve their performance and competitive positioning. Capgemini offers an array of integrated services that combine top-of-the-range technology with deep sector expertise and a strong command of our four key businesses.

Enhanced Document Authoring Support, native WORD integration.


Symfact is proud to announce its unique, industry leading approach to document drafting and authoring. A newly released capability enables automated document generation and negotiation during all pre-signature processes. Moreover contract authors can continue to work comfortably in their known WORD environment whilst being aided by a dynamic bi-directional integration to the Symfact contract repository and workflow engine. For further information and demonstration simply email:-

Symfact extends presence on the African Continent.


Symfact has appointed CopyCat Ltd. as its Sales, Implementation and Support partner for the growing economies of Central and Eastern Africa. CopyCat Ltd. (together with its subsidiary Innotech) is rated as one of the fastest growing Office Automation & I.T companies in Eastern Africa with a customer base of over 7,000 companies.

Bedag implements Symfact for both buy-side and sell-side Contracts.


Bedag’s customers are organizations such as public administrations (Cantons, Confederation, local), organizations in the public sector (hospitals, compensation funds, transportation companies, international organizations, etc….), insurance (health insurance, insurance associations, etc.) and companies using business applications and/or ERP applications (e.g. SAP). Bedag is a global provider of services covering all IT needs of its customers and was founded on February 1st 1990. Since January 1st 2003, it is a public company owned by the Canton of Bern. Bedag has implemented Symfact for both buy-side and sell-side contracts.



In 1860 Louis-Ulysse Chopard established a high-precision watchmaking factory in Sonvilier in the Jura region of Switzerland. Chopard has remained a fully independent family firm to this day, run and developed with a precise and rigorous set of governing principles. Over the years various corporate values have emerged but all remain firmly rooted in the traditional family spirit. Chopard is a proud Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).
Chopard will use the Symfact platform for management of its Contract and Intellectual Property Management.

Bata selects the Symfact Contract and Compliance Platform.


Since its founding in 1894 Bata has been at the forefront of innovation; not only in the production and design of new styles, but in the creation of business models that permit a quick response to the ever-changing wants and needs of its customers. As a result Bata enjoys a long history as a leading manufacturer and retailer of quality footwear and proudly serves approximately one million customers each day. With more than 30,000 employees, 5,000 international retail stores, and a presence in over 70 countries, Bata is positioned to deliver an unparalleled combination of selection, quality, and service to customers around the globe. In a first phase, Bata will automate the management of contracts based on the Symfact platform.

Extended support for HR contracts.

News Corp

Following an initial successful implementation at News Corporation both News Corp and 21st Century Fox have now deployed the Symfact Contract Management solution for management of employment agreements.

Amongst the holdings of 21st Century Fox are:-

Fox Entertainment Group—owners of the 20th Century Fox film studio
Fox television network
Pan-Asian pay channel operator STAR TV
Italian television provider Sky Italia
Stakes in the television providers BSkyB and Sky Deutschland.


News Corp’s newspaper and book publishing assets include:-

Dow Jones & Company
News Corp Australia
News UK
New York Post


The Symfact platform for LEM – LEM at the heart of power electronics.


LEM is the market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical
parameters. Its core products – current and voltage transducers – are used in a broad range of applications in drives & welding, renewable energies & power supplies, traction, high precision, conventional and green cars businesses.
LEM’s strategy is to exploit the intrinsic strengths of its core business, and to develop opportunities in existing and new markets with new applications. LEM is a mid-size, global company with approximately 1’200 employees worldwide. It has production plants in Beijing (China), Geneva (Switzerland) and Machida (Japan) and, as from October 2013, in Sofia (Bulgaria). With regional sales offices close to its clients’ locations the company offers a seamless service around the globe. LEM is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1986; the company’s ticker symbol is LEHN. LEM uses the Symfact platform for its Contrat and Legal Entity Management.

The Symfact platform for IP/licensing management of KAMINSKI HARMANN PATENTANWÄLTE.


KAMINSKI HARMANN PATENTANWÄLTE AG is a patent attorney’s office with more than 30 years of international experience and offices in Liechtenstein and Switzerland and offers professional consultation and representation in all areas of intellectual property and industrial property rights in Liechtenstein and abroad. KHP uses the Symfact platform for their IP/licensing management. KHP uses the Symfact platform for IP/licensing management of their customers.

Symfact delivers Corporate Housekeeping Platform to GALENICA.


Galenica is a diversified group active throughout the healthcare market which, among other things, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products, runs pharmacies, provides logistical and database services and sets up networks. The Galenica Group is divided into two general Pharmaceutical and Health Division as well as in the four divisions Pharma, Logistics, Retail and Healthcare Information. With the Symfact platform GALENICA is to manage the structures and operational relationships of 60 companies within the group.

North America – Senior industry executive to accelerate Symfact growth.

north america

Dan Townsend has joined Symfact as Sales Director for North America. Dan has been a leading executive across all areas of contract management for over 12 years. This cooperation further establishes Symfact’s leading position not only in Contract Lifecycle Management but increasingly and uniquely across other Compliance / GRC segments.

Legal entity management in Liechtenstein.


With growing capabilities and focus beyond its original domain of Contract Lifecycle Management Symfact is pleased to have been selected as a solution for corporate housekeeping (management of legal entities) by Ivoclar Vivadent. As a global player providing a comprehensive product and system range for dentists and dental technicians, Ivoclar Vivadent has its own subsidiaries and marketing and sales offices in 22 countries and more than 2700 employees throughout the world.

Symfact sees increasing demand and traction in GRC.


Despite, or perhaps as a result of, the current challenging economic environment Symfact is seeing increasing demand for implementations to address operational compliance requirements.
Benefits include:
• Minimized impact and duration of risk events
• Improved adherence to internal controls and policies
• Efficient remediation and exception management
• Compliance to external regulations and jurisdictions
• Automated assimilation of governance related information

Symfact sponsors IACCM Europe Forum 2013.

The IACCM Europe Forum is an exceptional opportunity to find out the latest on commercial contracting standards and innovation from leading industry experts and find out how they assess the changing marketplace, risk management, the role of ‘relational contracting’ in it and how they demonstrate the value of commercial contracting to their organisations.

German food industry selects Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform.


Heristo is a family-run, diversified group of companies acting in the areas of meat processing, fine food and pet food as well as the import and export of foodstuffs on the German and the international markets. Through its operating companies, Heristo is one of the largest companies in the German food industry and amongst the largest in Europe. The group realizes approx. two thirds of its sales via private labels. Heristo will use its Symfact solution to manage the contract based relations of all its group companies.

Compliance and Reporting for the Consumer Industry.


D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753 is an international, pure-play coffee and tea company, headquartered in the Netherlands, which employs around 7.500 employees. With sales of €2.6bn in fiscal year 2011, its coffee and tea products are available in more than 45 countries. The Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform has been deployed to manage buy-side contracts initially with an extension planned to support IT contracts.

Symfact replaces and consolidates multiple contract management systems for the RUAG Group.


The RUAG Group is an international aerospace and defence technology company with production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Hungary and the United States. It currently generates more than half of its net sales — 53% — outside the Swiss domestic market. Innovative products and services of outstanding quality form the basis of RUAG’s worldwide success. RUAG thus invests around 8% of its revenues in research and development. It collaborates closely with international technology partners including Airbus, ASML, Astrium, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, the European Space Agency (ESA), Hilti, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall.

Symfact supports Intellectual Property Management.


With 1,000 active patents and 300 people involved in R&D the ARaymond Network*, one of the global leaders in fastening systems for the automotive industry, uses the Symfact Enterprise Platform for management of its Intellectual Property.

*the ARAYMOND Network is a network of independant companies.

Symfact for both Contract Management and Corporate Control.


Ringi­er is the largest internationally op­erating Swiss me­dia compa­ny, produc­ing over 120 newspapers and mag­a­zines. It also runs print­ing plants, sev­eral ra­dio and TV stations and well over 80 web and mobile platforms with a worldwide staff of approxi­mately 8,000 employees. Symfact was selected as the company standard platform for both Contract Management and control of companies structures, subsibiaries etc…….

Hosted Solution for Complex Project Management.


Since 1912 Fluor has been developing and implementing innovative solutions for complex project issues in diverse industries, including petrochemicals, government services, life sciences, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, power, renewable energy, telecommunications, and transportation infrastructure. Fluor now uses the hosted model, SaaS Symfact contract management solution due to its simplicity, ease and cost-effective deployment. www.fluor.com

Symfact Compliance for Photovoltaics.


Q.CELLS has developed from one of the world’s largest solar cell manufacturers to a leading photovoltaics company within just a few years and has selected symfact as its solution for world-wide Contract and Compliance Management. www.q-cells.com

Excellence in the healthcare market.


GaleniCare is the leading retail organisation in the Swiss pharmacy market. GaleniCare belongs to the Galenica, a diversified group active throughout the healthcare market which, among other things, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products, runs pharmacies, provides logistical and database services and sets up networks. Galenica’s pharmacy network is the largest in Switzerland, with 279 own and 133 partner pharmacies. The network comprises the Amavita and Sun Store pharmacies, which are managed directly by GaleniCare, the Amavita partner pharmacies, which are integrated within a franchise concept, as well as the Coop Vitality pharmacies, which are operated under a joint venture with Coop. The MediService specialty pharmacy focuses specifically on in-home care for people with chronic illnesses. The brand name Feelgood’s includes independent pharmacies for which the company Winconcept offers services such as marketing concepts. GaleniCare uses the Symfact contract management and compliance platform to manage their contractual agreements. Consult key corporate information under www.galenicare.com

Symfact User Conference September 28-29, 2011.


The forum to share innovative experiences across the customer community and to provide future development input. Internal and external presenters will be sharing their Symfact project experiences during 2 days of interactive conference at the Symfact EMEA HQ. Info:marlise.gfeller@symfact.com

Symfact for complex aerospace sales.


Bombardier Aerospace Commercial Aircraft has begun using the Symfact platform to manage its commercial aircraft proposal, purchase and miscellaneous agreements processes and data. Due to the nature of its contracting processes which involves high capital value, sophisticated financing, leasing and lengthy product lifetimes, this produced particular challenges for a full lifecycle contract management system. Symfact was selected for its exceptional configurability, vendor support and price performance after reviewing products in response to its Request For Proposal. www.bombardier.com

Symfact continues traction for Compliance Management.


GTECH, part of the Lottomatica Group based in Italy, is one of the world’s largest commercial lottery operators. Having sophisticated contractual obligations and potential costly penalties GTECH has selected Symfact as the solution for management of its service delivery commitments to the State of Texas Lottery Commission. www.gtech.com

Zehnder Group: control over contract contents.


Zehnder creates energy-efficient solutions for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. The products and systems are marketed under two international brands and several national brands. The Group uses the Symfact contract management and compliance platform to manage all contractual obligations. Consult key corporate information under www.zendergroup.com

Machine tool manufacturer chooses Symfact.


TORNOS is widely known as a specialist in the manufacture of Swiss type lathes machines for turning parts from bars or billets.
TORNOS has expanded its product lines and now offers a wide range of products. The main lines consist of the EvoDECO, DECO, Sigma, Gamma and Delta single spindle sliding headstock automatic turning machines, MultiDECO, MultiSigma and MultiAlpha multi-spindle turning machines and the multi-spindle camoperated SAS 16.6. Tornos will control all worldwide contracts with the compliance solution from Symfact. www.tornos.com

Symfact 2010 results: Increasing growth and profitability.


Symfact is pleased to announce that its audited results for financial year 2010 show in excess of 70% annual revenue growth and continued profitability. Andreas Kyriakakis, CEO, stated “We are obviously extremely pleased with these results coming from our expanding geographic and market presence. Symfact is clearly establishing itself as a long term market leader”.

Jet Aviation orders Symfact compliance software for contract management.


Jet Aviation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), was founded in Switzerland in 1967 and is one of the leading business aviation services companies in the world. Close to 5,000 employees cater to client needs from 23 airport facilities throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North and South America. The company provides maintenance, completions and refurbishment, engineering, fixed base operations, along with aircraft management, charter services, aircraft sales and personnel services. Jet Aviation’s European and U.S. aircraft management and charter divisions jointly operate a fleet of more than 200 aircraft. Jet Aviation ordered the contract management system contractX from Symfact to manage all their international customer and supplier contracts. www.jetaviation.com

Symfact Announces Version 2010


Today Symfact releases the latest version “V 2010” of its Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform. Improvements and extensions are in the following areas: New UI look and feel, interactive charting, Outlook integration, unlimited multiple entity support, personal dash-boarding, document creation and authoring, workflow. These extended functionalities are foreseen to not only extend Symfact’s support for Contract Lifecycle Management but to also augment its activities in other emerging compliance management domains.

A landmark year for Symfact!


Symfact now has internationally deployed contract and compliance systems with over 100’000 users at over 100 customers.

contractX successfully implemented at FIFA.


FIFA – The International Football Federation – now uses Symfact’s web based contract management solution, ContractX, for the management of all contracts worldwide including the storage of all related documents. The system was rapidly implemented to provide specific mapping of multiple contract types, automatic scanning and the acquisition of existing contract data and documents. www.fifa.com

Contract management software from Symfact for the airport of Zurich.


Zurich airport is the central international transport hub for Switzerland with approximately 1400 employees. Together with its 260 partners, which employ a further 21,000 people, it provides an efficient public transport infrastructure. Following its selection of the “Symfact Compliance Management Platform” all operations will manage contracts using ContractX. www.flughafen-zuerich.ch

Efficient contract management increases the value of the company.


The KUONI Group is one of the world’s leading leisure travel organizations and has branch operations today in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America.

The head office of KUONI Travel Holding Ltd. is in Zurich, Switzerland, where Alfred Kuoni founded the company back in 1906. The IT company of KUONI selected Symfact to deliver an overall contract management system for the group. www.kuoni-group.com

Leading pharmaceutical group selects Symfact.


The NAPP Pharmaceutical Group is part of a worldwide association of independent pharmaceutical companies that have been developing innovative products for over half a century. Over the years, NAPP has become a world leader in the field of pain control other areas including oncology and respiratory. NAPP is to use the Symfact ContractX solution for management, control and reporting of its contracts, projects and customers. www.napp.com

Registered E-Mail and electronic signing of contracts.


RPost®, the leader in value-added outbound messaging with its flagship Registered E-mail® delivery proof and eSignOff™ electronic contract execution services, today announced an alliance with Symfact, the leading provider of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions with over 100 customers in 20 different countries. http://www.rpost.com

All contracts securely accessible from a central repository.


Vifor Pharma is a fully integrated specialty pharma company within the Galenica Group. It unites all companies in the Pharma business sector of Galenica under one single umbrella organisation that researches, develops, produces and markets specific pharmaceutical products throughout the world. Vifor Pharma selected contractX for the management of all supplier and research contracts. www.viforpharma.com

First Novartis Switzerland, now Novartis Germany.


Following the success of contractX at Novartis Switzerland, Novartis in Nürnberg Germany has elected to deploy Symfact’s contract management system contractX. Symfact thus further extends its expertise and presence amongst the leading pharmaceutical companies. www.novartis.com

One single solution for all procurement contracts.


Migros Basel operates 68 sales points, 10 Migros restaurants and 8 Migros partners and has 3’500 employees. The business territory covers the cantons of Basel-City, Basel-Country, Jura and sales points in the nearby Germany. This implementation of ContractX as its contract management solution has replaced multiple disparate solutions. www.migrosbasel.ch

Optimized contract visibility.


The CSS Group, with over 1,6 Million individuals insured, is the second largest health insurance company in Switzerland. CSS have selected the Symfact Compliance Solutions platform for the workflow and repository management of all procurement contracts www.css.ch

Global partnership for complete industry specific solutions


Symfact today announces a global partnership with Navati a leading specialist application management service provider. Navati specialize in application management services and commit to improvement on an ongoing basis for customer benefit. Focus points include minimizing any cost of service, employing offshore leverage, optimizing service levels and maximum application performance.

Symfact launches operations in France.


With continuing success and international expansion, Symfact announces the establishment of commercial activities in Paris to address the French Market. The operations are to be led by senior industry executive, Jean-Jacques Vallotton.

Control over contract contents.


Swissquote Group is Switzerland’s leading provider of online financial and trading services. Listed on the Swiss Market Exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange, symbol:SQN) since May 29, 2000, the Swissquote Group has its headquarters in Gland (VD) and an office in Zürich. The Group uses the Symfact Compliance platform to manage all contractual obligations and employs 228 staff. Consult key corporate information on the Swissquote Group under www.swissquote.ch

Joint Symfact – IACCM networking meeting, Chicago

Chicago, June 10, 2009 – 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.

This joint IACCM – Symfact event will provide a forum for networking, presentations and panel discussions of contracting best practices. Symfact personnel will be available afterwards for further discussions as required.

200 S. Wacker Dr., 15th floor, Chicago in the Illinois Technology Association

For details, contact Harry Angel, Director Symfact at harry.angel@symfact.com

Worldwide access to control contracts.


R&M is a leading supplier of passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication networks. With its copper and fiber optic systems the company contributes significantly towards ensuring operational reliability in voice, data and image transmission worldwide. R&M’s high level of product quality and forward-looking system design ensure that the networks are sustainable and associated investments safeguarded. R&M cabling solutions are used in office buildings and homes, by network operators and in industry. R&M controls all worldwide contracts with the compliance solution contractX from Symfact. www.rdm.com

Contract Management for 30 Locations.


Walder shoes is a well known retail distribution operation for all types of shoes and fashion accessories. Symfact’s contract management solution, ContractX, was implemented across Walder’s national operations of 30 locations in just a few days. www.walder.ch

Sickness insurance: efficient contract management.


With over 850’000 customers Sanitas is proud to be one of the largest insurers in Switzerland. Sanitas offers intelligent insurance solutions for every phase of life; all of a superb quality and at competitive pricing. Symfact compliance solution is used to manage all Sanitas contracts both with external suppliers and within the company’s organisation. www.sanitas.com

Worldwide – A contracting “clean-sweep”.


Kärcher is the leading provider of consumer, commercial and industrial cleaning equipment with more than 1,380 Bil. Euro turnover and with more than 6,251 Mio units sold.

Symfact was selected to implement its web based contract management solution, contractX, for global access from a single instance at the HQ in Winnenden, Stuttgart. http://www.karcher.com

Symfact receives CTI certification.


The most innovative Swiss based high technology companies may be considered for review and award of the CTI Label. This renowned certification gives credibility and provides access to business networks for further company development. Base requirements for consideration for the CTI Label are a solid business plan, an exceptional and complete product, market opportunity and acceptance, professional execution, high quality management team (expertise, skills) and growth potential.

The granting of the label confirms a company’s readiness for sustainable expansion. It stimulates interest and aims to simplify and support the decision of any potential customers, suppliers and investors. Label carriers are also then permitted access to a select network of partners and industry experts.

CTI was conceived to promote the development of world class enterprises in the high-tech sector using knowledge already gained from previous international enterprises.

CTI is an extraordinary initiative of the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET), Switzerland with extensive cooperation with Swiss universities and industry.

Canada: Symfact supports Microsoft integration.


Symfact has been successfully implemented for both sales and buy side contract support. The project includes integrations with Microsoft products InfoPath for automated data input, WORD for contract generation and Outlook for email archiving.

Psion Teklogix is a global provider of mobile computing solutions designed to improve business efficiency and productivity for leading enterprises throughout the world. Psion Teklogix is headquartered in Canada and has customers in more than 80 countries, and 39 sales and support offices in 23 countries. Psion Teklogix parent company, Psion PLC, is listed on the London Stock Exchange (PON.L) www.psionteklogix.com

World’s largest diamond trading company selects Symfact.


The Diamond Trading Company (DTC), part of the De Beers family of companies, is the world’s largest and most effective distributor of rough diamonds. Its brand, FOREVER, is a promise that your diamond is special, meeting the highest standards of the world’s no.1 diamond company. ContractX is to be used for management of multiple contract types including operational contracts and IP. www.adiamondisforever.com

Why a spreadsheet or simple database doesn’t do the job !


Managing contracts across the enterprise for multiple departments requires:
Global access — Role or individual based security — Visibility of the original documents — Automatic date and event alerting — Integration with existing systems —Full text search of contract data and actual documents

KTI/CTI and its partner Swissnex to promote Symfact AG to accelerated international growth.


KTI/CTI is an initiative of the Swiss Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology. Swissnex is an organization which works alongside local Consulate Generals of Switzerland around the world to support the establishment of recognized, leading Swiss technology companies. Symfact will benefit from its selection into this program to strengthen its presence in international markets and further accelerate the establishment of long term, professional, high quality customer oriented local operations.

Red Herring today announced that Symfact AG was named a Winner of Red Herring 100 Europe.

red herin

This is an award given to the top 100 private technology companies based in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region each year. Red Herring’s lists of top private companies are an important part of the publication’s tradition of identifying new and innovative technology companies and entrepreneurs. Companies like Google, eBay, and Skype were spotted in their early days by Red Herring editors, and touted as leaders that would change the way we live and work. Red Herring’s editorial staff rigorously evaluated several hundred private companies through a careful analysis of financial data and subjective criteria, including quality of management, execution of strategy, and dedication to research and development.

Continuing to provide value for recent new customers.


Symfact continues its market momentum with multiple recent orders from leading national and international companies. Examples include: – Bedag – British Telecom – Dutch Chamber of Commerce – Emerson – Friesland Foods – Givaudan – A leading international sporting organisation – Leerdamer – Nestlé Nespresso – A leading international consulting and auditing organisation – Roche – Stryker – The Rent Service – UPC Telecom and many others.

Satyam – Symfact extend relationship to a global partnership.


With operations in 55+ countries and with 42,500+ employees India based Satyam Computer Services Ltd., an existing Symfact customer, has now extended its relationship with Symfact to become a Global Partner to market, implement and support the Symfact Compliance Solution platform worldwide.

Total number of contractX users worldwide exceeds 25’000.


Symfact confirms its domain leading market presence having reached several significant benchmarks in its corporate development since its 2001 launch. a – Implementation partners and customers now present in over 20 countries b – Multiple global deployments currently underway c – Scalability and licensing of technology platform proven effective from a few users to several thousand.

Customer SLA’s managed worldwide with contractX.


India based Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (NYSE: “SAY”) is a leading global consulting and IT services company, offering a wide array of solutions customized for a range of key verticals and horizontals. Satyam’s network spans 55 countries, across 6 continents and has almost 38,000 employees.

Clause level compliance management with ContractX for BT in the UK.


BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions serving customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Its principal activities include networked IT services, local, national and international telecommunications services, and higher-value broadband and internet products and services. In the UK, BT serves more than 20 million business and residential customers with more than 30 million exchange lines, as well as providing network services to other licensed operators.

contractX selected by the Belgium Post.


The Belgian post office processes 3.7 billion transmissions for 4.5 million households per year in Belgium. The implementation was completed with the support of Spikes S.A. (www.spikes.be) Symfact’s local partner.

An urgent need to act.


In a recent study over 80 percent of companies surveyed stated that they were unable to locate their contracts quickly and reliably let alone to precisely review their contents. Worse still about half of those questioned believed that some 10 percent of the contracts could not even be found which was leading to a considerable risk exposure. Startled by financial scandals and company bankruptcies the US Congress has passed legislation known as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act with which is intended to again boost investors’ confidence. Explicit in this legislation is a requirement for more effective contract management. In Europe too there is a need to act. Contract management is without doubt also part of corporate risk management and is an important prerequisite to satisfy the tightening terms for granting credits under Basle II. Companies are increasingly being obliged to address their lack of capability in the domain of contract management. Over and above legislative obligations costs can be saved and legal conflict avoided.

All contracts securely accessible from a central repository

Access to all contracts.

Automatic email notifications – no date is forgotten.
Contracts immediately available – no time consuming searches required.
Complete transparence and reporting of contract data.
Personalized dashboard presentation of critical contract information.
Full contract lifecycle support.
Readily configurable for a user friendly system.
Extensive integration to Microsoft Office products.
Internet acces but with powerful role based security. Lipbuzzgiggcongi

ContractX platform selected for multiple projects.

Societé Générale de Surveillance (SGS) is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company with 43,000 employees. SGS operates a network of about 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world

Corporate Governance – must include all critical contract data.

More than 80% of all commercial transactions are established via contracts. This statistic applies equally to providers of services and to industrial and commercial engagements of all sizes. whois The precise management of all associated documents and data within a company must be considered one of the first priorities of management. domain name whois search Currently however too little attention is being paid to the opportunities and risks concealed within most contract based agreements. With ContractX there is now an effective solution available with which company staff can, anywhere and at any time, log into a central XML based database via the Internet/Intranet and access a precise and up to date view of all the company’s contracts.


2016 IACCM Middle East Conference – Abu Dhabi


5-6 December 2016
The Year of Transformation: Maximizing Value through Collaborative and Agile Relationships: Contract and Commercial Management are critical capabilities in managing today’s market environment. As technology advances, it continues to drive change in the workforce. In these challenging times, the need to embrace change and evolve is clear.

IACCM Americas Conference 2016


Date: 24 – 26 October 2016
Place: Paradise Point Island Resort • San Diego
The Year of Transformation / Maximizing Value through Collaborative and Agile Relationships:
-New and effective contracting models – agile, performance-based, payment by results
-From contention to collaboration – dealing with contentious terms
-Integrating ‘the relationship’ and ‘the contract’
-Organizational design – what works best?
-Driving performance and managing change
-Contracts as a source of value and innovation – the economics of good contract management
-Technology and transformation – reshaping our role

Executive roundtable series 2016 in Sugiez


Symfact is planning themed discussions for 3 to 6 participants, starting from April 2016.
These Executive Roundtables will enable you to network with your peers and learn how companies are already leveraging Symfact solutions to differentiate from competition and innovate for the future. These open but structured forums will take place in Symfact HQ in Sugiez and is this year replacing our normal User Conference.

IACCM EMEA Conference 2016


Contract and Commercial Management are critical capabilities in managing today’s market environment. The contracting community is in an era of great transformation. As technology advances, it continues to drive change in the workforce. In these challenging times, the need to embrace change and evolve our role is clear. That is why more than 200 leaders will assemble in Rome in May 2016.
May 9-11, 2016
Crown Plaza St. Peter’s – Rome, Italy

IACCM Americas Forum 2015 – The Year of Commercial Excellence


IACCM’s 13th Annual Americas Forum will bring together over 300 cross-industry contract management professionals. IACCM is the only think tank, research and practitioner body focused on advancing contracting and commercial practices.
Contract Management is increasingly recognized as the key capability to govern supply relations, battle contract value erosion and achieve optimal outcomes.
Program Highlights:
Achieve Commercial Excellence
Avoid the Contracting Pitfalls
Work Collaboratively
October 6-8, 2015 at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

IACCM Europe Forum 2015


Driving efficiencies and value through contract management
Creating efficiencies and bottom line value through contracting and post award governance to improve contract performance and reduce value leakage and risk
15 to 17 June 2015
The Hurlingham Club, London, United Kingdom

Marcus Evans Advanced Contract Management for Banks & Financial Services Conference

Reinvigorating Excellence in Contract Management to Reduce Risk and Demonstrate Due Diligence.
The Marcus Evans Advanced Contract Management for Banks & Financial Services Conference is a two day event that will include case studies, workshops, and panel discussions from procurement and contract management leaders from across the industry.
29-30 October 2014
Downtown Conference Center, New York City, NY, USA

Symfact User Conference 2013

The Symfact User Conference 2013
26 September, 2013
Hosted by our customer ZURICH Insurance:
Auditorium, Mythenquai 2, 8002 Zürich

The symfact User Conference 2013 will be held in English.
The agenda will include the following subjects:
Symfact Platform Release 2013
Customer presentations on themes such as:
– Which contracts/group companies are managed?
– What are the observed benefits of Contract Management?
– Who uses the system?
– How is the Contract Management /or Legal Entity Management structured?
– In retrospect what would they do better next time?
– What are their extensions/future plans?
– How do they plan to meet increasing compliance / regulatory requirements?
Clause Management
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
Innovative Configuration examples and Applications of the platform

To receive further details or to register please contact: