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Legal Entity Management Software | Symfact

Legal Entity Management Software

Maintaining, managing, and being able to visualize legal entity information can be incredibly complex. The legalities behind dealing with corporate management, shares, voting shares and stakeholder information mean companies are forced to spend a lot of time and resources, in ways that are often complicated, inefficient, and inaccurate. And make no mistake about it, failure to take on board your legal entity management requirements seriously can have a hugely adverse impact on your business, and land you in considerable hot water.

Corporate management teams in large, enterprise level companies are under an increasing amount of pressure to keep up with regulatory compliance, administrative maintenance, and transmission of digital corporate data. Symfact have a solution for your problems, however, which can help ease the legal burdens of leaders when it comes to information reporting and compliance issues.

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You can also use Symfact’s legal entity management software to issue, transfer, and manage the volume of shares in your company when you decide to float. It’s an enormous responsibility, which Symfact manages almost entirely automatically. It’s the same for tracking documents involved with voting shares, too – another complicated and resource-draining process which you won’t have to worry about with Symfact’s easy to use, single technology system.

Your company’s stakeholders need to be able to see the quick wins and benefits of what is happening to your company at the present moment. Simple, easily digestible reports can help stakeholders keep confidence and make better, more informed decisions. Symfact’s legal entity management software makes it easy for company bosses and financial directors to show how effective management processes are working, and show them how you are gaining momentum at any given moment.

Ultimately, Symfact makes Governance document management simple and easy, taking away the pressures and strains of founders, directors, and stakeholders and placing them in a single system, with technology that provides reports as and when you or your stakeholders needs them.

It’s also important to be aware that as your company grows, the likelihood is that your legal entity will undergo changes, too. More stakeholders will be involved, vote sharing will increase, and the management of all those necessary legal documents will become a lot more resource draining than it ever has been before. With Symfact, you can move your company forward with the confidence that your legal entity is correct, organized, and always out of the regulatory hot water.

Our system is capable of integrating and configuring to your current enterprise’s business process, regardless of size. And as your business grows, you can rest assured that Symfact’s single technology will have the capability to grow with you. We will ensure there is seamless integration with your IT infrastructure, and will, ultimately, ensure you are in a position to maximize your revenue, minimize your costs, and manage all aspects of your legal entity from one simple, easy platform.

If you need help with managing your legal entity documentation and reports, feel free to get in touch with Symfact today. Our team will discuss all your options with you, and help you get the maximum potential from our easy to use software solution.

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