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Third Party Integrity and Compliance - Where theory and practice meet! | Symfact

  • Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Leading international Compliance experts Moreno Ocampo, Heller and Jorge in cooperation with the Swiss software provider Symfact have jointly developed a solution to fight money laundering and corruption.

Third parties concerned may be companies, particular individuals within companies, or “politically exposed people (PEPs). Multiple international norms and standards now exist to which many states and thus legislators oblige compliance. These should be addressed proactively and not wait for a negative event to become public via the media.
Any person or organisation aiming to conclude a business contract has the obligation to verify involved partners. Attention must be given to prevention of money laundering, bribery and corruption and the observance of human rights, environmental laws and existing international sanctions. Primarily effected are any international parties involved in life sciences, luxury goods, food, construction, machine industry, finance and Telecom/IT. Exposure may exist not only in countries immediately perceived as “high risk”. From a functional perspective, domains impacted may encompass customers, suppliers, agents, commercial partners, distributors, manufacturers or advisors.

The Argentinean Luis Moreno Ocampo, was Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in the Hague until 2013. Damian Heller has been Global Compliance Officer of multiple international enterprises. Guillermo Jorge is a practicing lawyer in the fight against corruption world-wide. Andreas Kyriakakis is CEO of Symfact AG the technology provider for leading Contract and Compliance solutions. The combination of these parties has led to the synthesis and delivery of a complete and leading solution in this increasingly important area.

Resulting from a multiyear cooperation the solution now available corresponds to the highest requirements of international legislators such as the U.S. Department of Justice. The approach is based on detailed online questionnaires and integration to world leading data sources. The result is that the Compliance Officer is provided a detailed risk profile together with actionable recommendations. Any enterprise is thus provided documented and defensible research decision making as documented due diligence should it be required for any legislator.

Further information is available via www.symfact.com or via email to info@symfact.com.