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Contract and Compliance Management Solutions

Legal Entity

Provides a secure and yet transparent repository of all corporate, investment and Board of Director documents, critical data and holdings. Enables compliant auditable operations for all legal entities and proactive risk mitigation of both company and individual officers.


Effective management of all contract types and processes ensuring cost and revenue optimization alongside risk visibility and resulting mitigation. Provides comprehensive control over all obligations (e.g. for outsourcing agreements) and negotiation / authoring support.

Operational Risk

Ensure compliant and auditable GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) data and process control around investigations, conflict of interests, due diligence and standard company or industry procedures.


Centrally define and deploy effective authoring, approval, distribution and compliance controls in a company wide repository of all internal and external corporate policy documents.

Third Party
Risk Management

Involve third parties as an integral part of enterprise risk visibility leading to cost effective generation of best in class risk mitigation actions and integrity management. Includes automatic access to industry leading background checking services for a complete cost effective solution with meaningful recommendations (not simply red, yellow, green traffic light flagging).